• Mike van der Lee

    Hello 🙂

    Happy to seeing something happening again at the domain. I and others were worried that the contents were gone forever and started to gather things left and right in order to place it somewhere else for the community.

    Could you please contact me about the intention of the site so I can forward it to others in the community?

    Is it you Claus?

    • zxmodulesmaster

      Dear Mike,

      yes it‘s me. So sorry but I had to remove the page as I had bad problems with the domain. I have moved to WordPress and hope I can restore the site as good as I can. I‘m planning to make all these subsections for the programs (ZX-Blockeditor, ZX-Paintbrush and so on) with the original installers etc. But I‘m still working on a computer generated movie for a public event since half a year but the completiton is near, so I will do that now much easier website designing during the next days.

      So far, please be patient for a shorter while and wish me success.

      Claus Jahn
      Developer from ZX-Modules and ZX-Rainbow

  • Hi Claus,

    Good to see your post 🙂 I thought we might have lost you and your work to entropy. One of the best tools sets for working with ZX spectrum file on a PC.

    If you need any help shout up, there are people out willing to help in any way they can.

    Good luck with the movie!


  • Glad to see you back again!
    Your amazing tools have been invaluable to me as a developer.

  • Wow! That’s what I call good news! I was asking about you and your website a few weeks ago! Thank you for your work! If you do decide to set some sort of support (Patreon, etc), do count on me! Happy 2020!

  • Your tools have helped me with my game development and are pretty important to the ZX retro scene. My most often used tools are ZX Paintbrush, ZX Assembler and ZX Blockeditor. Would also love to see your tools open-sourced to get the community involved in any improvements to your software.

  • Hi Claus,

    I would like to thank you and express my deep appreciation for your excellent, free Spectrum-related software! It has been extremely helpful in my several projects involving Jet Set Willy games. It has also been used by some other authors of JSW remakes (the complete list of which can be found on JSW Central https://jswcentral.org/) .

    I wish you success and I hope you will be able to restore your website and continue to develop your software, which has been invaluable to so many people! 🙂

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