Edit FZX fonts directly!

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FZX Editor has been initiated by Andrew Owen, who worked with Einar Saukas and some others on a font driver system for the ZX-Spectrum that supports proportional text simply with PRINT # commands.

FZX editor edits usual CHR fonts (768 bytes) and the FZX file fonts directly. You have several tools like drawing lines, ellipses, rectangles, flipping, and rolling tools.

Fully supported file types (reading and writing):

Partially supported file types (saving as only):

Working features:

List of changes (last 12 months):

Date: Description of changes:
Oct. 13th, 2013 New program version 0.952 published
Oct 2013 Added the ability to use a file as a command line parameter.
Implementing support for CHR files with sizes between 8 and 768 bytes, as well as *.udg files.
Oct. 8th, 2014 New program version 0.953 published. Final state for now!

Downloading FZX Editor for Windows:

Necessary files description: Files: Version state: Download here:
FZX Editor zip archive FZXEditor.exe Oct. 8th, 2014