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July 14th, 2017: ZX-Paintbrush version 2.6.4 published
July 14th, 2017: ZX-Blockeditor 2.4.3 published

If you are a fan of the good old Sinclair ZX-Spectrum home computer from the 1980's:


and if you are a fan of the Spectrum Emulator community, you are right here. If you are visiting such a homepage for the first time, take a look to the wonderful World of Spectrum, which has a forum, a file archive with thousands of programs and emulators, utilities and much more. 

This is the official homepage of ZX-Modules, a complete package of Windows™ programs with different funcitons that help you managing and editing your lovely ZX-Spectrum related emulator files - such as snapshot files, tape files, disk image files and some more. Here you find graphic editors, text editors, game databases and more stuff. Explore the applications listed below by clicking on the corresponding icons. There you can freely download these programs:













ZX-Modules is an enhancement of my old project ZX-Rainbow Second Edition which made its job for some years. But that program became too big, and very difficult to handle. Therefore, I intended to make the re-issue "ZX-Modules" which could be improved and used much easier, because of a handful standalone applications that can communicate with each other.

Here is a brief description of all available ZX-Modules:

  Module name: Description: Latest version:
ZX-Explorer Opens or displays ZX-Spectrum emulator files on drives, also detects programs/games automatically. Can also be used as a thumbnail viewer. It manages also the display of compressed files. February 2013
ZX-Favourites Stores most wanted programs with their game information in a database. Can import S.G.D. and other databases. January
ZX-Preview Shows screen$, basic listings, system variables, etc. of ZX-Spectrum emulator files.  January
ZX-Blockeditor Edits the blocks of ZX-Spectrum emulator files, e.g. all TZX format blocks. Create DSK or TRD disk image files. ZX-Blockeditor can open ZX-Editor and ZX-Paintbrush for Basic and SCREEN$ block editing! March
ZX-Editor Edits ZED-files and many more ZX-Spectrum emulator files directly. Contains ZX-BASIC and BETABASIC syntax checker and syntax help. Lets you run your edited file. January
ZX-Paintbrush Graphic editor. Edits Spectrum screen$ and other picture formats. Also Multi-block editing for tape and disk image files is supported. Lets you run your edited file. March
ZX-Central Manages your favourite ZX-Spectrum programs (emulators and tools); binds any Windows-compatible ZX-Spectrum program into a panel; lets you design layouts; helps you updating your programs and tools April
ZX-Modules Downloader Manages automatic downloads for all ZX-Modules programs and tools January
ZX-Assembler A complete Assembler/Disassembler system  June 2015

Module connection:
I recommend to download all of my programs, especially ZX-Blockeditor, ZX-Paintbrush and ZX-Editor communicate with each other. 
Most of the ZX-Modules applications can receive commands from other modules. Some modules (e.g. ZX-Editor and ZX-Paintbrush) can edit data blocks inside embedded dialogs as well.


edit a screen block,
ZX-Paintbrush is executed
in a temporary dialog


edit a BASIC program block,
ZX-Editor is executed
in a temporary dialog


Any module saves its window state (maximized, normal) and window position into the Windows registry. So you may arrange the modules in the way you like.

Security disclaimer:
To prevent virus infections or manipulated files, please download only from this homepage. There are no malware activities inside my applications. My programs are completely free and do not need any registration. The only thing you should do for my support is a good (or bad) comment within the World of Spectrum forum or on my guestbook. The program development is just-for-fun and I want to share that fun with other ZX-Spectrum fans! The files are virus-checked with newest and updated virus protections. If you want to study the source code of my programs for security reasons, feel free to send me an email.