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Fully supported file types (reading and writing):

Tape files (*.tap, *.blk, *.tzx, *.pzx, *.csw)
+3 and CP/M disk files (*.dsk)
TR-DOS disk files (*.trd, *.scl, *.$b, *.$c, *.$d)
Disciple, PlusD, UniDos disk files (*.mgt, *.img)
Snapshot files (*.sna)
BASin BASIC files (*.bas)
BasIn code files (*.bsc)
Screen files (*.scr)
SEVenUp files (*.sev)
CHX big font files (*.chx)
ZX-Metafiles (*.zxb)

Partially supported file types (reading only):

Warajevo tape files (*.tap, *.tapw)
BASin data files (*.bsd)
Snapshot files (*.z80, *szx, *slt, *.ach, *.sit, *.snp, *.prg, *.zx, *.sp, *.sem, *.raw, *.snx)
Microdrive files (*.mdr)
Character set files (*.chr, *.ch8, *.ch4, *.ch6)
Text files (*.txt, *.asc, *.zed, *.zib, *.zxe)
Picture files (*.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.zxp, *.zxm)
POKE files (*.pok)
Compressed files (*.zip, *.rar, *.lzh, *.arj, *.ace, *.arc, *.bh, *.bz, *.bz2, *.cab, *.enc, *.gz, *.jar, *.lha, *.mbf, *.mim, *.pak, *.pk3, *.pk_, *.tar, *.tbz, *.tgz, *.uue, *.uu, *.war, *.xxe, *.z, *.zap, *.zoo, *.ztv)

Working features:

List of changes:

Date: Description of changes:
January 2015 New program version 2.4 published.
Feb. 2015 A bug in the Z80 file reader has been fixed (reported by Fabio Olimpieri).
May 2015 Added support for ZX-Assembler ("send block to ZX-Assembler" and "edit block with ZX-Assembler").
July 2015 Bugfix: Ralf reported that files did not run with the "run file" icon. I discovered that it occurs on files read from a ZIP file. Now, the program asks to save the file into the temp file folder first.
Ralf suggested: A start address edit box in the memory editor of the data block composer is useful to get correct addresses on data blocks which have start addresses <>0. A find-byte-sequence dialog has been added (simply taken from ZX-Assembler :-).
July 2015 New program version 2.4.1 published.
Dec. 2016 Bugfix: Changing display size causes display problems on some dialogs. Now, ZX-Blockeditor must be restarted after changing the display size.
Bug: Import file dialog checkboxes disappear when using the middle or high display size. Could not yet solve that problem.
Bugfix: Buttons "select all" and "unselect all" were not be displayed correctly.
Francisco Javier Crespo provided a new TZX block format 4Bh (MSX block) and therefore, inofficial TZX version 1.21. Added full support for this block and file type.
Jan. 2017 The Memory editor of the Datablock Composer now remembers the state of the number format button (dec, hex, ascii).
The window size of the Datablock Composer has been increased to get all relevant information visible.
Mar. 2017 Francisco Javier Crespo suggested that meta blocks, that are used for grouped blocks (when the corresponding setting in the options dialog box is set) should be exploded with mouse double click. I provided two options in the keyboard/mouse movement section of the options dialog. One for pressing Enter and one for mouse double-click.
Mar. 2017 New program version 2.4.2 published.
May 2017 Bugfix: Natalia Pujol reported a bug in the Datablock Composer around the custom info datablock. The user only could enter 10 characters.
Jul. 2017 New program version 2.4.3 published

Downloading ZX-Blockeditor for Windows:

Necessary files description: Files: Version state: Download here:
ZX-Blockeditor v.2.4.3 ZXBlockeditor.exe
Common changes ZX-Modules.chm
July 14th, 2017
Referred and recommended tools:
ZX-Paintbrush Is inside-dialog-called automatically when the user
edits a SCREEN$ data block
ZX-Editor S.E. Is inside-dialog-called automatically when the user
edits a BASIC or variables data block

Important note for Linux users using Wine:

Wine does not install MSI installer automatically. To install the downloaded MSI file, use the following command under Wine:

wine $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/c\:/windows/system32/msiexec.exe /i ZX-Editor_Second_Edition_2.4.3_Setup.msi