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ZX-Modules Central is a common program manager with a customizable layout system and links to known emulators and tools (Windows compatible). Manage your favourite tools.


List of Changes (last 12 months):

Date: Description of changes:
April 2014 New program version 0.9 published.
January 2015 Updated the update path, because my official website changed its base address. Also changed the email address.
January 2015 New program version 0.9.1 published. Final state for now!

Downloading ZX-Modules Central for Windows:

Necessary files description: Files: version state: Download here
(MSI installer):
ZX-Modules Central v.0.9.1 ZXCentral.exe
January 28th, 2015

Important note for Linux users using Wine:

Wine does not install MSI installer automatically. To install the downloaded MSI file, use the following command under Wine:

wine $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/c\:/windows/system32/msiexec.exe /i ZX-Modules-Central_0.9.1_Setup.msi