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ZX-Modules Updater manages automatic downloads of all ZX-Modules applications.


List of Changes:

Date: Description of changes:
May 2014 New program version 0.9.4 published.
Jan. 2015 The probably annoying exiting dialog can now be disabled with a new options function. Select whether you still want this dialog when exiting ZX-Modules updater or select to always minimize or always exit the program.
Double-clicking the Sys-tray icon now opens the program without the popup window.
Added the icon for ZX-Assembler
January 2015 New program version 0.9.5 published. Final state for now!

Downloading ZX-Modules Updater for Windows:

Necessary files description: Files: version state: Download here
(MSI installer):
ZX-Modules Updater v.0.9.5 ZXModulesUpdater.exe Jan. 06th, 2015

Important note for Linux users using Wine:

Wine does not install MSI installer automatically. To install the downloaded MSI file, use the following command under Wine:

wine $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/c\:/windows/system32/msiexec.exe /i ZX-ModulesUpdater_0.9.5_Setup.msi