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Edit ZX-Spectrum screens easily with a comfortable Windows-like Graphics tool.

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You can load existing or create new SCR (screen files), draw images with mouse-sensitive tools like circles, rectangles, polygons etc. You have different fill styles available in tool boxes and you can alter the colour attributes very easily. Also, transparent colour effects are available here. You can also convert your BMP/JPG/GIF files with this tool, and if you want, you can hold the pictures in this format. ZX-Paintbrush converts the pictures in a Spectrum-compatible form, respecting the colour attributes and hardware limits of this machine. You also can produce exports to SCR files or to ZX-Editor's ZED files; right now, ZX-Paintbrush is the only connection to the old ZX-Editor.  Also TAP and TZX files can be created including headers.
Now, ZX-Paintbrush also can be used as a font editor for sinclair fonts (using 256 characters) with either 4x8, 6x8 or 8x8 (standard) pixels. You can read/write corresponding font files (with 2048 bytes of size each) CH4, CH6, CH8 or CHR and also CHX files directly.

ZX-Paintbrush also appears as a dialog within ZX-Blockeditor, if needed to edit screen blocks.


List of Changes:

Date: Description of changes:
Dec. 2014 New program version 2.6 published
Jan. 2015 Ctiles and btiles now can be edited with the "edit with ZX-Paintbrush" feature within ZX-Blockeditor and ZX-Editor S.E.
Jan. 2015 New program version 2.6.1 published.
Mar. 2015 Bugfix: Lanex reported a bug in the import picture dialog, which produced weird pixels when an image is being shrunk. The HALFTONE stretching and shrinking was not active. Now it's always used.
Mar. 2017 Bugfix: Changing display size causes display problems on some dialogs. Now, ZX-Paintbrush must be restarted after changing the display size.
Javier reported the bug that in ULA+ mode, it's only possible to draw in CLUT 0. I was very surprised about that bug.
The Palette grid that appears in ULA+ mode was not affected by the display size setting.
Mar. 2017 New program version 2.6.2 published
Mar. 2017 Bugfix: As always when I restored my developing PC the English language package was forgotten, it happened once again. I hope it will now be stable!
Added NIRVANA+ wtile support.
Mar. 2017 New program version 2.6.3 published.
May 2017 clausjahn suggested the ZX-Spectrum standard palette being able to be adjusted with a new function in the options dialog. The options dialog has now three buttons in section "Colours" with which you can load the default ZX-Spectrum palette from a file, edit it or restore it to the defaults of ZX-Paintbrush.
The free attributes tool now does not longer show a pixel line while drawing.
Bugfix: Hikaru reported that ZXP contain a ULA+ palette after the global palette has been adjusted before saving. ULA+ palettes should only be stored when ULA+ mode is active.
colonel32 suggested a copy attribute tool, with which you can pick up a colour attribute and draw attributes with it.
colonel32 suggested a palette inverter tool, which exchanges the INK and PAPER cluts in the current palette (ULA+ or non-ULA+).
Bugfix: colonel32 reported the known bug that the file open dialog from Windows truncates the file mask string to MAX_PATH characters. He suggested to use the Vista compatible dialogs instead. It seems to work now. An I don't expect we need the Windows98 support anymore.
Bugfix: Hikaru reported that switching between ULA+ and non-ULA+ mode does not register the current file to be modified.
Bugfix: Hikaru reported that opening a non-ULA+ file while a ULA+ palette is still active, does not switch back to non-ULA+ mode. But it definitely should.
Bugfix: KgMcNeil reported a bug that made it impossible to get pixel exact picture imports by the import picture dialog. There was a HALFTONE option active which changes the pixels sometimes in a worse way. I removed that HALFTONE flag.
Hikaru suggested a new palette handling. In truth it was very strange what happened when you worked with global palette changes and ula+ palettes together. Now, the palette organization covers 8 separate palettes: P0 to P3 which change the ZX-Spectrum standard colours (including flashing effect), and U0 to U3, which are made for ula+ handling. The user now may toggle between P0 and U0, P1 and U1 and so on with one toggle button, but the Ux and Px palettes do not longer interfere with each other.
Jul. 2017 New program 2.6.4 published.

Downloading ZX-Paintbrush for Windows:

Necessary files description: Files: version state: Download here
(MSI installer):
ZX-Paintbrush v.2.6.4 ZXPaintbrush.exe
Common changes ZX-Modules.chm
ula+ palette examples
July 14th, 2017
Sinclair fonts in different sizes zxpaintbrush.ch8
referred and recommended tools:
ImageULAplus Used for creating ULA+ related pictures

Important note for Linux users using Wine:

Wine does not install MSI installer automatically. To install the downloaded MSI file, use the following command under Wine:

wine $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/c\:/windows/system32/msiexec.exe /i ZX-Paintbrush_2.6.4_Setup.msi