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Displays visible block contents as Spectrum SCREEN$, ASCII text, system variables or pictures. Depending on the type of the datablock you select, a different register tab is activated. Some block contents (e.g. BASIC programs) can be displayed in more than one register tab. ZX-Preview can be either used as a standalone application, where you have to use the open icon , or in combination with ZX-Blockeditor and/or ZX-Explorer. It can receive open file or display block commands from these programs directly.

Working features:

  1. The program allows to display contents of data blocks that were selected within ZX-Blockeditor (refer to the options dialog of ZX-Blockeditor). As a special feature, ZX-Preview can display syntax highlight effects of Basic programs. In addition to that, you can copy Basic listings with all colour effects to other RTF compatible applications!

  2. You can open files and zipped files directly. They are displayed pretty much like in ZX-Blockeditor on the right side of the application's window. This file structure list can be disabled if you want.

  3. You may display SCREEN$ contents in different sizes and formats. Also ULAPlus and Timex formats are supported. Also a fit-to-size display and a scrollbox for bigger screens are available.

  4. Display contents of binary data blocks as bytes or Z80 mnemonics. 

List of changes:

Date: Description of changes:
Jan. 16th, 2013 New program version 2.2 published
January 2015 Added ZXM (ZX-Paintbrush maps) file support.
Added meta block support. In the block info tab sheet the sub-blocks of meta blocks are listed.
File list: Double-clicking on a meta block explodes it into its sub-blocks. Double-clicking somewhere on a TZX group (beginning with a TZX group start and ending with a TZX group end block) implodes the whole group to a meta block.
Added the display of CRC32 block checksum in the block info tab sheet.
January 2015 New program version 2.3 published. Final state for now!

Downloading ZX-Preview for Windows:

Necessary files description: Files: Version state: Download here:
ZX-Preview v.2.3 ZXPreview.exe
Common changes ZX-Modules.chm
Jan. 06th, 2015

Important note for Linux users using Wine:

Wine does not install MSI installer automatically. To install the downloaded MSI file, use the following command under Wine:

wine $HOME/.wine/dosdevices/c\:/windows/system32/msiexec.exe /i ZX-Preview_2.3_Setup.msi