IZX Image Editor


IZX Editor has been initiated by Andrew Owen, who worked with Einar Saukas and some others on an icon display driver system for the ZX-Spectrum.

IZX editor edits IZX image files directly. You have several tools like drawing lines, ellipses, rectangles, flipping, and rolling tools.

Fully supported file types (reading and writing):

  • IZX files

Working features:

  • Edit several IZX files from a file browser simply by double-click. 
  • Use line, ellipse, rectangle tools for drawing
  • Use the copy tool to copy a rectangular range into the Windows clipboard
  • Use the paste tool to paste any image from Windows clipboard into the grid
  • Flipping and rolling tools
  • Big undo/redo buffer

List of changes:

Date:Description of changes:
Sept. 20th, 2013New program version 0.21 published. Final state for now!

Downloading IZX Editor for Windows:

Necessary file description:Files:Version state:Download here:

IZX Editor zip archive 0.21
IZXEditor.exeSept. 20th, 2013IZXEditor_0_21.zip