ZX-Editor (second edition)


  • ZX-Editor is a text editor for ZX-Spectrum emulator files, which supports (nearly all) functions you know from other text editors, and also Spectrum-related things like colour attributes, flashing, screen$-files etc. You also can change the text style (italic, bold etc.) as well as text height. But also 8×8-pixels fonts are supported.
  • You also can write Sinclair Spectrum Basic and Beta Basic programs with ZX-Editor. It supports a full syntax checking and keyword handling routines.
  • ZX-Editor is a useful tool for the ZX-Modules project, which consists of many individual and helpful programs.

Working features

  • Partially compatible with ZX-Editor by Claus Jahn & Andreas Schraepel
  • Load and edit original ZED files (including 8×8 raster fonts support and inline graphics).
  • Load text files and ASCII files and save them back. 
  • Use all Windows font sets in all available sizes – the program shows you what sizes are supported. You can mix Sinclair raster fonts (with 2048 bytes size) and normal Windows text together. Used raster fonts are stored inside the ZX-Editor files (as it was in the old ZX-Editor).
  • You can set any of the ZX-Spectrum colours and effects (including BRIGHT and FLASH), and you have all text styles (pretty much like in the old ZX-Editor), but also small text.
  • Enter original ZX-Spectrum Basic programs, supporting 48k, 128k and Beta Basic versions 3 and 4 with full cursor and token support – also block graphic characters are displayed correctly. In any token mode, the Shift key of your PC works as Speccy Caps Shift and the Ctrl key of the PC works as Symbol Shift. Also entering keywords with single chars is possible, also terms like for n=1to10step.2 are transformed into tokens correctly.
  • Load and edit Basic blocks from and write them back to TAP/TZX/DSK files.
  • Use the window clipboard to copy, cut or paste any of the editor area to another ZX-Editor window. You also may copy text to other windows applications as pure text.
  • Insert complete graphic files (BMP/JPG/GIF) or any of the ZX-Spectrum files into your editor area. SCR files and graphic files are displayed directly; other Spectrum files will display one of their picture or screen datablock.
  • Multi-datablock editing helps you to edit all Basic, Ascii or ZED files inside TZX, TAP or DSK files at once.
  • Insert any of the 256 characters into your text (old ZX-Editor allowed only characters up to #32).
  • Context help which makes this homepage much easier.
  • Special character insert dialog.
  • Search and replace text, locate objects and items
  • Undo and redo function
  • DSK file support.
  • BASin file support
  • BASIC analysis (displaying all variables, Beta-Basic procedures)
  • For Multi-datablock editing, now the complete (!) datablock composer of ZX-Blockeditor is implemented. You can edit or create any supported datablock.
  • Individual numerator groups can be set.
  • Fully customizable print preview dialog. You can print all files now.
  • Variables and Procedures analysis
  • Use CHX files (big font files) that can store big letters with colours (can be created with ZX-Paintbrush).
  • ZXP- and SEV (SevenUp) files can be imported and displayed correctly.
  • ZXB-file support (ZX-Modules meta files)
  • TRD, SCL and Hobeta file support (TR-DOS disks)
  • ZX-Editor Second Edition version now can be used as direct editing dialog within ZX-Blockeditor (v.2.0).
  • Edit SCREEN$ datablocks with ZX-Paintbrush (>= v.2.0) running inside a dialog window.
  • Syntax helper that appears if the cursor stands close to a keyword (works also with BetaBasic programs)

List of changes (last 12 months)

Date:Description of changes:
Nov. 2020New program version published
Added SPECTRANET *.zx file support (using the plain TAP routines for saving and loading)
Jan. 2015New program version 2.3.1 published. Final state for now!
Necessary files description:Files:Version state:Download here:

Common changes ZX-Modules.chm
Spectrum Basic.chm
Nov. 10th, 2020ZX-Editor_Setup.zip
plain files (no installshield)see abovesee aboveZX-Editor.zip

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